Testimonials from our clients

Tanya V.

  • I will probably be looking to insure a car within the next year and i will definately come back to Silvermark. You guys are awesome.

Mike I.

  • Always there when I need you.

Jessica K.

  • Very helpful and quick to respond. Very professional.

Denise M.

  • You feel like you are working with family.

Anonymous - Name withheld by request

  • Their high level of knowledge and being curteous is what I like about them.

Pius F.

  • No hassles.

Annette M.

  • The personal touch and time spent explaining policies, etc. is what I like most about doing business with Silvermark.


 Teresa M.

  • They do all the checking for the best and least expensive coverage.

Steve H.

  • Quick, personal and efficient.

Rebecca L.

  • Family business devoted to service.

Ken F.

  • Everyone is so nice when you call and understanding when you need help.

Laurie P.

  • Whenever I have had a need to call - a person actually took my call!

Dell B.

  • Competitive rates, responsive service and friendly people.

Anonymous - Name withheld by request

  • Of all the agents who have helped us, you were very quick in responding.